Saturday, March 31, 2007

MAN what a day.. maybe TMI

SO today was an INTERESTING DAY. Started off well. Watching Meagan and eating breakfast.

So around 9am Started just not feeling well. Thought maybe I was too hungry and not eating enough. BUT needed to take a bath with Meagan to get her clean. SO up we go to take a bath.

Meagan is in the tub and I figure if I'm going to join her I should pee first. WELL out came watery Diarrhea. (TMI I know) BUT the thing was NO warning it was coming. Kinda like Well since your sitting on the crapper......

THEN started feeling NOT WELL. Like a weirdness all over my belly. NOW I start to freak a bit. THIS cant be labour. I'm 6 weeks away. THIS CANT BE LABOUR. All I could remember from Meagan was that yes a one point I did have loose stool. Body's way of getting it out now before you crap on the delivery room floor.

SO I recline in the tub as my lower back starts to ache. AND getting more weird feelings in my belly. After 20 minutes and Meagan done playing and cleaned. We decide to get out. SO as Meagan takes her tinkle in the tub after her baths (new thing for her. She knows she has to pee. pokes herself and then pees. Sure beats her peeing on the floor) Chris comes up to check on us. AT this point I'm trying to fight back Tears. I don't want to go into labour NOW.

SO he finishes with Meagan so I can call the midwifes. She reassured me that it could possibly just be braxton Hicks contractions as I said I wasn't feeling anything BUT still not feeling RIGHT. AND now the back pain is constant.

So her advice. Keep it a quiet weekend. and work on re hydrating myself. Hopefully its not a cold. or even NOR WALK virus. BUT to monitor the contractions.

I was concerned as with Meagan my water just broke. I don't remember having contractions but when I look back at the book I was writing in during that day. I was having moderate period like cramps.

SO go I through the day with mild cramping from time to time. WORST was while at church. Meagan was good for a little bit, but then got my blood pressure going when she started throwing books around crying and making her angry grunts. being completely un-cooperative. BUT I cant blame her. SO we left early. She was just going to continue being a shit. (my feelings at the time.) well we get to the car and realize were blocked from the only exit out. MOTHER FUCKER. SO now i sit and wait, and wait and wait 20 minutes. BUT now getting stabbing pains happening often.

BUT now seems I'm getting these pains when my stress level goes up. Like when Meagan decided to toss her pizza across the room and drop her cup of juice. I'm sure my blood pressure was up as well. SO for the next 6 weeks. More so 2 weeks while I'm at work. I need to keep a mental note to stay calm. TO avoid these lovely BH contractions.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

people looking you up on facebook

OK so I'm not too sure what to make of this.

So I've just recently started a facebook account. More so for the reason one of my girlfirends was only limited to 17 pictres to upload onto her Myspace account. She didn't quite like it.
SO i'm enjoying finding friends. OR them finding me.

So I just got a message. From a name I quite didn't regonize. SO I open the message and all I see is " R U married to Chris???"

Wondering Who would know that.

SO I go looking at her account and realize SHE works with CHris. is a level higher at the dealership than him.she is also dating/common law/engaged/married to an SPOILED ASSWIPE chris has the priviledge to work under.

BUT my thing is. WE dont have a common last name. Actually Its pretty Fucking in my mind. POLISH people would think otherwise.

BUT my thing is WHY is she looking up his last name???? IS she tring to see if he has a facebook account with porn on it or something. Daily rants of what a spoiled ass wipe of a man she is with???

SO I sit here confused on HOW to answer back. a simple yes. Is she gonna request to be a friend. cuz i sure dont want to.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

WHAT A Birthday

SO yesterday was my birthday.

Didn't start off so great. I was hoping that I could MAYBE sleeping till 8am if Meagan let me.
OH NOPE. SHE wouldn't let me.

We were up at 3am.
So we got up had some breakfast as I was starving. AND I thought I might get to rest at 5am. STUPID me decided to start watching JARHEAD and in 5 minute she was awake. I was cursing myself As the volume was very low. REALLY LOW.

So we watched our regular morning treehouse as I layed basically with 1 eye open to conserve brain matter.

Meagan finally was getting ready for a nap at 9:30 well by the time It took me to wind down (30 minutes) I went to lay down in my bed and MEAGAN AWOKE. Still cursing myself as I knew I'd be up late and wanted a LITTLE REST.

SO the plan was for my mom to come by after her lunch so I could do a little more cleaning and Shower shave and hopefully take a nap. AS Chris had planned to be home around 3:15-3:30. AND he would need to start getting ready.

WELL my mom did not show till 3pm. AT that point meagan was napping and I was doing some dishes and bit of cleaning. SO I got all guzzied up and ready to go. BUT meagan was SUPER CRANKY GIRL. I pitied my mom for leaving her with my cranky child.

SO took us all of no time to get downtown and had a LOVELY dinner at KIT KAT. I had a goat cheese salad that was to die for. Nice and warm and encrusted with seeds.
THEN I had their Surf and Turf which was a lovely fillet minion and 2 Jumbo tiger shrimp. was WONDERFUL.
THEN for desert I had their chocolate raspberry tartufo. THAT WAS HEAVENLY. the raspberry was nice and tart. MMMMMMMMMMMMM

THEN off to see Phantom of the Opera.
REALLY ENJOYED ourselves. THE only few downers was that up on balcony seats were cramped for space. THERE was enough room for my ass in the seat but no leg room. EVEN sitting up straight with my back against the seat my knees were on the back of the chair in front of me.

My only beef was after the show I went to the bathroom. AND planned on taking the elevator as it was a hard journey up and I'm be walking down slowly probably pissin people off.

SO there was a travel group of High school students from the states.

THERE was a group of 4. standing in front of the elevator. TALKING whatever. NON looked like they NEEDED to take it but of course the girl mentioned a few times how "my feet are killing me in these shoes, unless you want to carry me. were taking the elevator" to which shes standing with 3 300 pound guys so, YEAH they could carry her or help her down.

So just before the elevator arrives a MORE PREGNANT woman than me (I'm 8 months) I figure around 9 months waddles over. SHE mentioned to her hubby she does not want to wait. TO which he speaks up, "see shes pregnant (looking at me) and so are you, YOU HAVE A RIGHT to take the elevator"
SO we shuffle in. A grandma decided since its her husband with the bad knee she would take the stairs with her 2 grandsons. NICE OF HER. SO I manage to get on.

BUT when pregnant lady approaches she stops and says "I'll wait for the next one" to which someone replies "there's room for 2" Hubby mentions shes claustrophobic.

So as we go down stupid teenage girl mentions "well whats the point taking the elevator if your claustrophobic?????" STUPID because its a physical feat to walk down all those stairs you dumb ass american BITCH.

BUT other than that was one of my most meraorable birthdays ever.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


SO I thought I had the Brunt of this pregnancy under wraps.

AFTER all the early Nausia, bleeding stress and everything else. WHEN they all tappered off around week 22-24 I thought I was safe.

WELL not really. I haven't had a good night sleep in 3 weeks. THAT could be in part of me staying up later to watch TV but even on the weekend I'm having a hard time getting my ass into bed for 9 so THat I can get sleep before Meagan wakes at 7.

THEN I'm now finishing a nasty Upper Respiratory Tract infection. YUMMY. Have had it for 1 1/2 weeks now. WAS really bad at the begining Fever for 3 days. NOT EATING. Lived in a fog for 5 days. UNTIL this past monday I decided to see my family doctor about it. CUZ it was not no common cold.
I'm still stuck with this cough that no matter HOW MUCH or HOW HARD I cough. IT JUST does not satisfy the urge/tingle at the back of my throat.

I am looking forward to this week being off. I'm going to spend most of this week cleaning the house and cleaning out this computer room. THE HOPE. a little baby will occupy this room very shortly. Still uncertain IF the computer is staying. STILL uncertain HOW things will look in this room. BUT if I can get it cleaned out. THATS one step closer.

Especially Since April 13th is my last day of work and theres so much to be done in the next month. Because even though I'm taking off almost 1 month before due day. well 1 month minus 2 days. I dont think I'm making it to the 11th of MAY.

AT my last midwife appointment SHe mentioned I was STILL measuring Larger. by 2 1/2 weeks. At that time I was 27 1/2 weeks measuring at 30 weeks.
Now many people have mentioned that ITS no cause for alarm, but my midwife mentioned I might need another ultrasound to verify all is well with the little one.

I really dont want to be induced. I really dont want another epidural. AND I definityl dont want a c-section. BUT only time will tell. in the next 10 weeks.

Well I best be going. Hear the pitter patter of little feet. Miss Meagan has awaken from her nap.