Sunday, November 26, 2006


I'm sick of November its been HELL ALL MONTH.

Any of you following me this moth so far can see what a CRAPTACULAR month it has been.

WELL LETS Add to the SAGA.

Saturday. Found out at church that a well known family in our church, their youngest son passed away that morning. He had Ceribral Palsy and was always a happy little guy. (he's was 20. But I remember him at 8) So I was crying away in church when they mentioned that.

Funeral was to take place on Tuesday morning. But with taking 2 days off work last week and then finding out we were short staff again. since we now had 2 staff members who are out of contry for funerals of their grandmothers. (happened 1 week apart. What are the chances) I knew asking that time off was not going to happen. But thats ok. My mom and sister went with Meagan.

Tuesday. FUN FUN Tuesday.

Off to work I go. My client canceled. So I went to another client whos normally a dream. I'm setting up. THings are ok. Mom mentioned he's been up since 4:30 AM and had taken some meds since he's comming down with a cold. FUN. Thats ok I'll play it by ear, and if its not going I'll cancel. WELL, behaviours start with mom when she tries to get him to pee. He hasn't since he woke. So he comes to me screaming.

So I'm letting him take a minute to get it out of his system. The now hes on the floor, thats ok but getting REALLY close to the futton metal frame. Too close for my comfort. SoI get on my knees to move him and the kid bloody kicks me in the abdomen. Little pain from the kick but ok.

45 minutes later cramps start. First mild but they just got worst and worst. So I end session at his break. I leave and call my midwifes. She mentioned just to take warm baths. AND and if the cramping doesn not die down we'll get an ultrasound.

So they start calming down as the afternoon goes bye. So My plan was to get chris and we get meagan and grab me some clothes.

Well we get to my moms, and find out my cat. My cat of 12 years was missing since the night before. MY Asshole of a brother. Went for a smoke and when he came in he didnt check if the screen door closed properly. My mom came in shortly after didnt think much of it. Saw my sisters cat. WHO would leave at any chance, so she never thought of my 12 year old cat who's about4-7 pounds. I'm freaking. Thinking of him freezing to death in the cold night. HOPPING hes in someones garage or someone brought him in.

So off we go looking in the park. The more we walk the more we realize theirs 7 streets agcent to this park. HE COULD BE ANYWHERE. By this point I'm too stressed I dont want to eat. I'm cramping like crazy and all I can think Is I ned to get home to make lost cat posters.

So we did that and bring them to the house. WHen I handed them to my brother. He acted like this was ruining HIS evening plan. I told him for at least now deliver to every complex (their in a 55 unit towncomplex) so they did. BUT I was going to shoot him in the head.

Well I cramped all night. And in the morning I called the midwifes and she told me to rest some more and get an ultrasound.

All was fine with little baby. I actually got to see the left and right hemisphere of its brain. THAT WAS AMAZING. But as I sat in the waiting room for 50 minutes with a sick woman coughing all over me. To which I'm avoiding sick people like the plague as I've taken enough days off already in 3 months.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

MAN what a day

So its friday. Off sick from work. Tried to play hookie yesterday but I actually ended up catching something. because a tevery attempt to eat somwthing it was comming right out of me. NO IDEA what or WHERE i caught this bug.

SO resting up today. NOT lookingforward to having Dinner with my brother and his CRAZY ASS girlfriend. BUT WHATEVER.

SO day goes as usual. I figure if we dont hear back frm my bro by 6pm we were going to see HAPPY FEET. SO I come home with my girl from doing some erands at 4. I go to kiss CHris and I get hit with a wall of the motor oil smell on him. He gets pissy at me "well I washed my hands" with my response "its all over you, why cant you just change your clothes." to which BONEHEAD responds with "why are you so sensitive to smells lately. I've been doing the same thing for the last 3 months. WHATS WITH YOU?????"

I stormed off. I'M FREAKING PREGNANT. THATS WHATS WRONG WITH ME. BUT instead of starting a fight over something as little as this I go to bed. Take a nap and get awoken by chris going "I think thers something wrong with the fridge.

I get up YUP its gone caputs. NOw this fridge belonged to his parents when they lived here. So I have never known exactly HOW OLD it is. thats when I find out the bloody thing is 35 freaking years old. HAD I known it was THAT old. Iwould have started saving money long time ago. $20 a pay, we would have money for a fridge. BUT NO, we have nothing now. SO I guess he worked something out with his mom to get a cheaper fridge and she pay for it and it stays with the townhouse when we move.

SO Off we go to pick her up at kipling and to the brick we go. SO they hadf a decent basic fridge on sale for $479. SO we get that. THe man comes over says they can diliver sunday. EXCELLENT. As currently were trying to salvage the forzen meat in our cooler sanwiched between bags of ice. ANd Meagan's homo milk is currently residing in our 12can coke fridge.

So we complete everything and he goes to book the delivery and now its for monday. FINE we need it NOW so I was going to have my sister watch Meagan here. But he said He would check to see if something opened up for sunday he would call us tonight. Well MR HUGH called us back. DElivery on SUNDAY. I'm so excited.

But by the time we drove Chris's mom home and we returned home it was 8:45 ANd CHris went to bed at 9:20 as he ahs to work tomarrow.

GOOD LORD. SO our plan for our Grey Cup Party of pizza and pop will now be changed to pork chops and pop. TO help salvage some of the meat. Because I know their going to thaw out. AND can stay thawed for a day. But I cant re-freeze them after. SO Chris and Meagan are going to have Salmon for dinner tomarrow and this way we are not waisting that much money by throwing the food out. BUT That just means were going to have to do a COstco run this week when I get paid.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


HOW does time go by. SO now into week 14. I STILL cant eat pork chops or ground beef. I musterd $20 to buy zoodles and mini ravioli for lunch this week as all last week I had fast food and I quickly became broke.


We finally got to seeing Meagan's Cardioligist on HAlloween. HE wants proof that these episodes are NOT related to her heart. SO he ordered a requisition for A loop moniter. ITs a long shot as these episodes are so irriegular in frequency. BUT if by chance she has one it will moniter her heart actions. SO got this little ipod looking machine last friday. AND its going to be on for another week. I got scared when I called to book the appointment. Because the machine she had on in April was MASIVE for a 7 month old. I could not see my VERY MOBILE running girl strapped down for 2 weeks with a thing that weights 1/2 her body weight. BUT THANKFULLY its not. Many people at church commented of 'oh how cute her own ipod" which is nice because I can then I later told them its a heart moniter. BUT people can think I'm ruining my daughters ears and just a cool mom for buying her 14 month old an ipod.

THen ON wednesday I had more bleeding. ENOUGH BRIGHT RED BLOOD to 1/2 soak the toilet paper first thing in the morning. SO I freak. CAll the midwifes. She calls me back in 2 minutes. She told me to get my but to an ultrasound. and 'DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP" THANKS so the first appointment I could get was at 11:30. I immediatly called CHRIS. Because I was a wreck already. When I called my program director to inform her I was not comming in I broke down and cried. I Needed him. Hes the buest guy ever. EVEN thought I knew hes only a 15 minute walk I told him finish what he needed to do because I would not get an appointment any earlier than 9am. (it was 7:45 at time) He was home in 5 minute. OUT OF BREATH, but home. WE sat on the stairs and got my cry out.

SO all moning I tried to drink my fluid and yet keep going to bathroom to check if I was still bleeding. To which I was but it was slowing down. WE go off to the hospital for the ultrasound and the technitian was supper nice. Immediatly saying she was getting a heart beat and everything looked fine. BUT man are their machines crappy. I was not quite 13 weeks and shes showing the screen going "there do you see the heartbeat?" Um no but I take your work for it.

I remeber at the fertility clinic how clear their picture quality was at 7 weeks you could see the definition of the fetus and the little flash in the middle.

SO were off to the midwifes on MOnday. Hopefully we'll get to hear the heartbeat. CHris is egarly anticipating the ultrasound in what4-8 weeks. HE still wants to find out the sex of baby. ME I'm not too sure IF I do.