Friday, January 01, 2010

A 365 Challenge

SO some of you are aware of the 365 challenge we are starting on H!. I'm hoping to do this. IF I cannot post daily I will definitly attept weekly a post of the weeks photo's

I hope to complete this. Right now I dont think I can do it but DEFENITLY like the idea and will try my darndest.

I think over the next few weeks I'll be settling into a new life. Of returning to work. GETTING back onto my WW food tracking. Attempting to figure out WHEN I'll get exercise into my life. AND NOW takinga photo a day.

Which will be nice as I have been lacking in the photo taking of my children.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

OK OK so heres her story.

SO I guess I didn't come and post the next week. MAN has this summer flown by. HELL has the last 3 1/2 months flown by.

So here's the birth story if anyone cares by now.

So with MUCH anticipation AND 9 days late our newest member to our family had arrived.

After what seemed like contractions to go on for ever. (8am Saturday till 1am Sunday 10 minutes apart lasting 30-90 seconds long) Chris had called me in desperation around 10am that he was stressed to the max with his supervisor. IF there was anyway I could call and say I needed him He would love it. THATS when I mentioned that THINGS were moving and he might get his wish granted. SO after our lunch at 11:30 Meagan and I took a nap. we woke at 1pm. AND i called Chris. There was no way I could attend to meagan during the afternoon with the contractions. He was home within 5 minutes. (let me just tell you he works about a 10-15 minute walk. HE BOLTED HOME.)

SO rested a bit and figured since nothing was progressing Off to church I went. Again since I was overdue I got the "oh I thought yo would of had the baby by now." to which I replied Hopefully soon :-) Still nothing progressing. SO we had dinner and went about our evening.

by 9pm I was tired. Called to confirm with the midwifes that its the 3-5 minute rule before calling again. AND what can I do to get things either going or slowing to rest. She mentioned I could take some gravol to help me sleep. SINCE they would rather I get sleep since its going to be a long process than coming in that night to gt checked.

Tried to get some rest at 10 pm. worked through all those contractions. AND at 1am that morning they bloomed to 5 minutes apart lasting 90 sec at least.

SO as I layed in bed. I finally got enough strength to roll out of bed as I was determined to take a bath to relax a bit. I finally rolled out at 1:30 am. At around 1:45 I called Chris. told him he needed to call my mom and call the midwifes. So my mom arrived at around 2:10. She was so worried for me. I was laying in the tub. Took about 10 minutes until I got the strength to fight the contractions as they was only about 30 seconds break between each to get up and out of the bath and get dressed. She was more concerned I found out later because she never went into birth naturally. all of us were c-sections. So as I moaned through the contractions I was basically scaring here. SO i did my walk to the front door with my eyes closed as I knew if I saw my mothers fear/tears I would lose it.

Arrived at hospital at 2:30 am where I was in quite agonising pain through them. (at 3 minutes apart lasting minimum 2 minutes) when we arrived the hospital was on lock down. WHY not sure but the security guard was about to not admit me. BUT because I work for the hospital and had my id badge he left me in. BUT DUDE I'm in labour your seriously going to make me wait outside until lock down is over. COME ON.

Get checked out and already 7-8 cm dilated. and within 45 minutes I was ready to go.

REALLY different this time around. No drugs and really honestly only 3 contractions all day long where IT hurt like a MOFO in my back.

Took about 3 contractions to get her out. AND then some persistent mild push during my last rest and whoosh she slipped out.

I felt HORRIBLE towards my midwife. THEY were super AWSOME and that last push to get her out she went to get the fetal monitor to check her heart rate. THE second she touched my belly felt like spears going through my stomach and I yelled at her "get your hand FUCKING off me" I was ashamed at myself. BUT at least she firmly said back to me "we need to check her heart rate." but with saying that I birthed my daughter.

So at 3:38 this morning we welcomed little Keelin Aeron Brid Gretchen Kathleen M..... weighing in at 8lbs 3.6oz and 20 1/2 inches long.

All she has done all day is sleep. I was so happy we were able to delay cord clamping. I had no tears and all natural. I was amazed with myself. AS it compared NOTHING to being induced with Meagan and gives me full confidence that I never need an epidural again. At least with natural progression.

With her arriving so early we delayed calling the family. we got transferred to my private room and slept until 8am. Did the major calls and informed everyone that we planned to leave at 6pm. there was no need to stay.

Time has been great had a baby shower at the end of July for her and next week were having her baptism as well as a mini party for Meagan's second birthday. basically cake and gifts.

Monday, July 16, 2007

ha that's funny

just took a look when i last ported on here.Just a few hours (2) before my contractions started. Who knew.

well i'll try to access the net via computer in the next few days to write down the events of that day. I'm currently accessing the net via my wii and pointing at each letter is long and annoying for the length THAT STORY would be.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


So I'm now officially over DUE. 41 weeks 2 days pregnant and Counting.

I'm in no rush. Baby is relaxed. BUT getting my biophysical to verify all is well with baby yesterday was INTERESTING.

SO I and the midwifes have been DEAD CERTAIN that this baby has kept his/her back on my right side. WELL I guess we were wrong. AS she was finding the SPINE on the left. NOW this LATE in the game I don't thing baby is turning around from side to side during the night.

Even the last few times at the midwives they have been feeling around CERTAIN the spine is on the right but only able to get heartbeat on the left. WE thought it was weird.

SO I'm scared this kid is going to come out of me and have lanky legs. BUT even movements. I've been feeling this kids movements either directly centre with my belly button or on the Left side.

So this kid is just elbowing me away.

I'm tired of people calling and asking if he/she has arrived. Though not too many phone calls this week. I think my family has gotten the hint. IT was irritating my father calling everyday. You live bloody 20 minutes away WE will call you when we go to the hospital.

I feel worst for Chris. He's been looking forward to a week off to spend with us and new baby for some time now. AND even if this baby arrives this weekend. MY mother is off work this week. BECAUSE we assumed baby would have been here by now. SO he's now scheduled to be off work next week. Because worst case scenario I'm being induced on Friday and we should have a baby before he would return to work on the Monday.

I'm just hoping baby arrives this week. AS I would really like 2 weeks support for Meagan in stead of one.

Monday, April 30, 2007

WOW that was a close call

SO today has been QUITE the interesting day.

First official Maternity leave day. YIPPIE.

Didn't start off to great. Last night was feeling quite hungry yet my tummy felt icky from carbs overload.
So slept that off.

Woke this morning at 8am. THANK YOU MEAGAN for falling asleep at 9pm.

Still not feeling Quite right. Had some strawberries with Meagan for breakfast. ADN still not feeling better.

Around 10:10 Meagan chose to leave Barney (shocked the HELL OUT OF ME) to go upstairs. THinking little girl was still tired. SO off for a nap. SHe just hung out in her room. Made a mess of it. BUT its ok she just wanted time to herself.

During that hour I still was not getting any better. Fighting a feeling of Hunger yet Repulsed by the sheer thought of it.

THEN I got sick. All the strawberries came up and kinda felt a little better after that.

Was just about ready to take a bath to relax a little more. BUT meagan wanted out of her room. So we took a warm bath together. Was nice. Started feeling a bit better but not 100%.

Got meagan her lunch and at 1 she was ready for her nap.
I followed with a nap but still not feeling up to eating. NOW I started to think MAYBE this wee one is on his or her way.

Woke up and got ready to go to midwifes. FEELING much better.

All going well until she takes my blood presure at end. and with a big Uh Oh. She mentions now need to go to hospital. My blood pressure was too high for her liking 135/100. Its always beena round 110/80 or so.

THEN she tells me what to expect. Fetal NST, another test of blood pressure. IF thers a concern they will induce me.
Basically the blood pressure coiuld go up if I'm getting ready to deliver baby anyways. SO the plans of getting meagan's blinds and having dinner with my girlfriend is well in limbo.

SO off we go. Finally get there. GET strapped in and sit and wait. Things look ok. WAIT around for the OBGYN to come and give us the go ahead. BUT Surprisingly It came down. THey had me at 110/82.

even the nurse was like "well see just sopme relaxing will get it down."

HEll all the thinking since leaving the midwifes at 4:10 drive to chirs's work to pick him up. Figure out if my mom is working at her second job tonight or not. CRAP theres very little ready in place for this baby. AT LEAST my bag was packed. WHO is chris going to get back home after IF we are induced. HELL with meagan I laboured for 5 hours after being induced. Technically depending when I get induced this baby could possibly arrive by 9pm. THIS AND THAT. I spent a good 20 minutes while driving there planning and stressing all about that.

SO all was well. WEnt for some good pho's for dinner. AND just finished doing my EI claim and filing our TAXES.

Which I can say there must be a billion people filing via UFILE as its super slow.

BUT its done and expect to see my return in what the next 6-8 weeks. AND figure out a payment plan we cal live with for Chris repayment.
THink gonna have him set up either RRSP's or ask for an extra $20 taken off in taxes so its not such a hit to his/our wallet every year.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


GOod lord 3 more weeks.

I cant wait. Im tired of being tired. STILL not getting to sleep at decent times. BUT at least I have the opportunity to nap when meagan takes her nap. THOUGH this week has been quite busy that only thursday was the first day this week I could join her in her naps.

Still not getting much done. GOT all my suplies ready for my hospital bag. I think. HAve to go over the list again. BUT NOWHERE near ready with theis computer room getting cleaned out to turn into a baby room.

I think I'm going to have my sister come over on Thursday so I can tackle it.

I'm hoping Baby will stay a little longer in me and not come early.

So far baby hasn't dropped. THANK GOD. I'll get worried when it does. BUT I'm getting MAD BH contractions.

WE went for a walk along the lakefront yesterday. NOTHING MUCH, had meagan in the stroller as I was not planning on chasing her. AND the slow pace I was going was bringing on contractions. GOD that was hell. Especially since I left my cellphone at home.

we did have an interesting weekend last weekend. WEll Friday at least. My last day of work I spent 3 hours in the ER. the day before a client of mine came to centre AFTER having Diarhea all night and morning.

WHY they parents sent him to school and then to us we are still unsure. So 3:20 am I get the sudden urge to vomit. Run to the bathroom. Urge goes away but I now need to pee. So here I am on the toilet and then vomitting into the tub. Thinking ok MAYBE this is my lovely morning sickness and I'll feel better not that its done.

NOPE not feeling better. SO I call my program director to call in sick. VOMIT AGAIN. call my supervisor to let her know she needs to change the schedule. VOMIT AGAIN.
I vomitted ever 10 mintes until 5am.
Chris woke at 4am as usual. HAD him call my mom so that someone can be at the house for Meagan when she wakes. SO did not want to bring her along with us.
So it took some time for my mom to get here. BUT thats ok.

GET to ER at 5am. go for the NST in maternity ward. THEY put us in a room thats like 8x11. SOOOOOOO SMALL. All is fine with baby. BACK to ER we go. GET IV and GRAVOL. we were amazed with the nurse. I have really deep veins and most of the time they colapse when trying to withdraw blood. WELL she got it fist try. WITHOUT hurting me.

SO all was well but find out I have an kidney infections. CRAP I have been forgetting all week to take the dang pills. I remember once or twice a day. I'm horrible.

So we see the midwives on monday and I was asking her IF we can request the room we had last time. IT was HUGE had a shower in the bathroom and the room was at least 16x16. SO hopefully baby will not arrive during the full moon when MORE WOMEN seem to go into labour. BUT other than that I hope we can get a large room.

BUT i technically I only laboured for 5 hours with meagan. Does it really matter the size of the room.


Saturday, March 31, 2007

MAN what a day.. maybe TMI

SO today was an INTERESTING DAY. Started off well. Watching Meagan and eating breakfast.

So around 9am Started just not feeling well. Thought maybe I was too hungry and not eating enough. BUT needed to take a bath with Meagan to get her clean. SO up we go to take a bath.

Meagan is in the tub and I figure if I'm going to join her I should pee first. WELL out came watery Diarrhea. (TMI I know) BUT the thing was NO warning it was coming. Kinda like Well since your sitting on the crapper......

THEN started feeling NOT WELL. Like a weirdness all over my belly. NOW I start to freak a bit. THIS cant be labour. I'm 6 weeks away. THIS CANT BE LABOUR. All I could remember from Meagan was that yes a one point I did have loose stool. Body's way of getting it out now before you crap on the delivery room floor.

SO I recline in the tub as my lower back starts to ache. AND getting more weird feelings in my belly. After 20 minutes and Meagan done playing and cleaned. We decide to get out. SO as Meagan takes her tinkle in the tub after her baths (new thing for her. She knows she has to pee. pokes herself and then pees. Sure beats her peeing on the floor) Chris comes up to check on us. AT this point I'm trying to fight back Tears. I don't want to go into labour NOW.

SO he finishes with Meagan so I can call the midwifes. She reassured me that it could possibly just be braxton Hicks contractions as I said I wasn't feeling anything BUT still not feeling RIGHT. AND now the back pain is constant.

So her advice. Keep it a quiet weekend. and work on re hydrating myself. Hopefully its not a cold. or even NOR WALK virus. BUT to monitor the contractions.

I was concerned as with Meagan my water just broke. I don't remember having contractions but when I look back at the book I was writing in during that day. I was having moderate period like cramps.

SO go I through the day with mild cramping from time to time. WORST was while at church. Meagan was good for a little bit, but then got my blood pressure going when she started throwing books around crying and making her angry grunts. being completely un-cooperative. BUT I cant blame her. SO we left early. She was just going to continue being a shit. (my feelings at the time.) well we get to the car and realize were blocked from the only exit out. MOTHER FUCKER. SO now i sit and wait, and wait and wait 20 minutes. BUT now getting stabbing pains happening often.

BUT now seems I'm getting these pains when my stress level goes up. Like when Meagan decided to toss her pizza across the room and drop her cup of juice. I'm sure my blood pressure was up as well. SO for the next 6 weeks. More so 2 weeks while I'm at work. I need to keep a mental note to stay calm. TO avoid these lovely BH contractions.