Thursday, June 15, 2006


SO I just came her to see its been almost 2 months since my last post. I feel bad to all those who cheak me out and see no change.

So what has happened in my life since????? well its most probably going to concern my baby girl who this week turned 9 months. OH I have little over 2 months before returning to work, *sniff*sniff*

Not much was happeneing with her for a while. Finally some time after my last post around 7 1/2 months she learned to roll over, but not continuously. She still got better and better at her walking, with us supporting her arms of course. Then it seemed all happened in 2 weeks, May 25th, took 1 step towards me not holding onto anything. I was so happy CHris was there to witness it.

On Mothers day we finally saw the beginings of teeth on her bottom gums. Took almost 2 weeks and May 29th one poped and June 2nd the other came thru. Then last week on June 7th, she crawled. I was so happy, but now she crawls over to the gate keeping her in the living room, stand up and shake the cage like an inmate "let me out let me out LET ME OUT!!!" Its kinda cute.

I'm getting myself ready for my girlfirends B-day next weekend. ITS SO GONNA KICK MAJOR ASS. BBQ, and Drinking and swiming and smoking, oh I cant wait.

As much as I know this summers gonna pass in a second, I'm looking forward to my Trip To montreal in August before having to return to work.

BUt as each day passes, I get sad knowing I'll be leaving my girl. I know EVERY mother feels this way, but I'm happy my sister will be the one watching her. My only issue is how will I survive. RIght now Meagan falls asleep somewhere between 9-10 and I dont get to sleep until 2-3. SO we spend most the morning napping away, Her choice not mine. (but I'm not going to complain)

For me to get to work by 9, I'd have to leave my sisters around 8:30. TO get to my sisters we'd leave our house at 8 to get there unpack and away we go. I would need to be getting up aroud 6:30-7 the latest. Me the girl who would roll out of bed normally at 8 am, when will I get things done. UNtil Meagan turns 1, I'll have to pick her up as the carseat does not fit rearfacing in CHris's car, so for 3 weeks when I finish at 4:30, I'd treck across the city to get her, at least Chris can start making dinners on a regular basis.

so theres my rant. or complain, I hope to get here more often to update my life, but life has been too busy. Back to laundry I go