Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good lord I'm tired.

I cant get over HOW tired I am lately. Moreso this week.

We had a new client start. AND hes is a busy as a bumble bee. JUST watching HIm got me tired.

PLUS we took a drive down to Buffalo on Friday. Which was alright until we hit hamilton way. SNOWY. I was ready to stay the night in Buffalo after the Lacrosse Game if it was still snowy out. I did not enjoy my drive down.

PLUS CHris was getting a bit peeved as we were detained at the border. HIS bestfriend has been flagged each time he tries to cross back into the states as a few months ago he tried bringing his girlfirends stuff across the border. WEll her papers for canadian citizenship were not filed yet so he had to return everything she owned to a goodwill.

Had fun at the game but I was wipped out all weekend. Spent saturday shopping. LOVED blowing all my money on food. AND sunday pent it twith the inlaws for superbowl.
I spent most the evening in the kitchen cooking. WHICH i didn't mind as I was feeling anti social lately.

I felt like an old married couple yesterady as we were watching some episode on rome or something and we both could barely keep our eyes open. 8:36 we were in bed. SO SAD.

I'm hoping I get out of this rut Im in. NOT liking it one bit. At least I hjave just over 2 months left of work left. YIPPITY DO DA.