Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So we went to the Midwifes

That was good. Because until last friday NEVER thought of Twins. We desperatly wanted twins first time around and had so many ultrasounds with the fertility clinic that I was upset the first time they mentioned no twins.

But That thought never came into my head until Friday. So while we were there they tried to hear the heartbeat. But at just past 10 weeks was a no go. But my midwife mentioned that if there were twins my uterus would be larger than it was (not yet past pubic bone)

I'm still having a hell of a time with this nausia. It just wont GO AWAY. I was so looking forward to my dinner of pasta this evening and had a 1/4 of my meal and STILL not feeling well from it.

GOD I HOPE IT PASSES AFTER 12 WEEKS. If not I'm definitly getting a perscription at my next visit

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


SO Meagan had another episode this morning.

I was letting her sleep in as I knew my sister worked until 1am yesterday(this morning) So I was sitting here on the computer just before 8am. Meagan cried as per normal to say "mommy I'm up" so I go in and get her out of the crib. SHe then proceded to fall right back asleep on me. NO biggy I wasnt quite done on the computer.

Then she started get really sticky and clamy. NO FREAKING I said to myself. Check her out, pulse seemed good but she would not wake. Kept feeling her up getting really cold now, looking pale and yellowish and deffinitly CLamy. Trying to wake her softly, then rubbing her back, and saying her name louder. Took 5 minutes to get her awake.

So go to change her diaper and shes going back to sleep on change table. Trying everything to keep her awake and focused. Even when she was finally awake and letting me dress her. She was not standing on her own. Moreso hunched on me for support. Took a good 20 minutes until she was herself again.

So I called that specialist, Since we have an appointment October 31 wondering if theres any way we can get in sooner. SHe told me she was going to relay this info to the doc and she'll get back to me in the next few days. She suggested in the mean tome to see our family doctor.

So didnt get an appointment for today but will be seeing him first thing at 10am tomarrow. This is not right, it should not be happening and I want a resolution for this and not 'well the heart ultrasound we did came back normal.' Cuz I'm sorry but this IS NOT NORMAL.......

All I want is an answer to why my daughter is like this.

Monday, October 02, 2006


ok being pregant this time around is KILLER.

2 weeks ago we were at a work function and I had some chicken ceaser salad for lunch HELLMINS DRESSING. Well that just About turned my stomach upside down.

So for the next 2 day I had the hardest time finding food that would not make me nausiated.

It still continues I can no longer stand Chicken, hotdogs, Kelbasa :-( and right now crackers. Oh and my ham sandwich was not the greatest for lunch.

SO for the second night in a row I'm eating Perogies for dinner. Even the other night with pasta I could only eat 1/2 of it.

Now before people start on the "well it must be a boy, sphiel" I dont want to hear it. All I want is to not be so tired all the time and let me eat.