Saturday, May 19, 2007


So I'm now officially over DUE. 41 weeks 2 days pregnant and Counting.

I'm in no rush. Baby is relaxed. BUT getting my biophysical to verify all is well with baby yesterday was INTERESTING.

SO I and the midwifes have been DEAD CERTAIN that this baby has kept his/her back on my right side. WELL I guess we were wrong. AS she was finding the SPINE on the left. NOW this LATE in the game I don't thing baby is turning around from side to side during the night.

Even the last few times at the midwives they have been feeling around CERTAIN the spine is on the right but only able to get heartbeat on the left. WE thought it was weird.

SO I'm scared this kid is going to come out of me and have lanky legs. BUT even movements. I've been feeling this kids movements either directly centre with my belly button or on the Left side.

So this kid is just elbowing me away.

I'm tired of people calling and asking if he/she has arrived. Though not too many phone calls this week. I think my family has gotten the hint. IT was irritating my father calling everyday. You live bloody 20 minutes away WE will call you when we go to the hospital.

I feel worst for Chris. He's been looking forward to a week off to spend with us and new baby for some time now. AND even if this baby arrives this weekend. MY mother is off work this week. BECAUSE we assumed baby would have been here by now. SO he's now scheduled to be off work next week. Because worst case scenario I'm being induced on Friday and we should have a baby before he would return to work on the Monday.

I'm just hoping baby arrives this week. AS I would really like 2 weeks support for Meagan in stead of one.