Saturday, December 31, 2005

SO what's the big fuss about new years. Last year I thru a party, had a few close friends and family, did the drinking thing, watch movies and flipped to city at about 11:45.

This year gonna be a tad more extravagant. Gonna make a Turkey for my best girl and her man. Chris got a free Turkey from work as a xmas gift. SO since Ham was on the menu for xmas, figure turkey for new years. Were gonna play some Trivial persuit 90's edition, drink a little Champange (sorry sparkling white wine)

My question is why people make such a big deal. ONe year I slept thru new years, got awoken by neighbours celebrating. I'd rather spend some quiet time with The hubby and child, than planning big extravagant outings and spending $200 to celebrate. when I could spent $40 tops for just as good of a time at home, and knowing If I want to sleep early I can.

Whats with the fuss of the kissing and party hats. I just dont get it. Our first new years after getting married we were watching a movie, Turned to sity to see he final count down, did our kiss, got the traditional phone calls from everyone, and returned back to watching the movie.

I just think its a glorified night to get shit faced. theres only 1 day for that and thats St patty's day, but dot get me started on that, really only the irish should be getting shitfaced on that day, ITS OUR BLOODY HOLIDAY :-)

So to all out there, have yourself a safe New Years party. And all the blessings in the world for 2006

Friday, December 30, 2005

So explain me this. I was so stoked at xmas because i finally got a paraffin foot spa. Super tired last night feet acking and all. I figure I'd plug it in, and in 3 hours when the wax is all melted i'd be in heavan. So i wait the 3 hours, get all excited and open the lid. To my surprise the wax is no where near the minimum line. WHAT THE FUCK. could then not state in their owner manuel that your going to need to order wax BEFORE you fuckng use it. So now i'm tired and cranky this morning as I go online to see what you can order and DICK SHIT. I now have to call the bloody 1-800 number.
ahh the troubles of my life

Thursday, December 29, 2005

So here I am on the start of my blogging Journey. Where to start? WHat to say? WHo will read?

Not sure what the answer to these questions may be, but I know one thing. THEREs a ton of stuff festering in this brain of mine.

With xmas just winding down I vow NEVER to go to the mall again before xmas.
Last year we had little money, so little shopping was done. Actually thats a lie, we got paid xmas eve and Since we finished work at noon. I hit good old square one. I spent $500 in 2 hours on gifts for the family. And the year before I was off work for December so I hit the mall during the days.

This year was my trip to see Santa with my sweet daughter and brother. Try to find parking. People going into handicapped spots WITH OUT a sticker. A teenage boy sitting in the moms with carriers spot. NO CHILD IN CAR. Obviously waiting around for girlfriend. Est Indian woman parked in Mom and carrier spot and out walks her her teenage son and 7 year old son. HAt the FUCK, I've got my 3 1/2 month old AND A BLOODY STROLLER, and have to park a 10 minute walk away. OFF mall property.

But to see my daughter with santa and looking dumbfounded was the best.