Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh irritating people

SO a litle break down. THe other day apparently I never signed out of MSN messenger. SO at 10 pm when WE brought Meagan up to bed, There was a message from Chris's god mother. WOW shes talking to me. (she was pissed never invited to Meagan's baptism, but shes part of Chris's life not Meagan's )

SO she was asking when I was comming down to cambridge (like 1 hour drive on 401) Mentioned how will check with chris about next sunday. So I was mentioning How excited I was. I vacumed the stairs up to the bedroom. THey had not been vacumed for at least 7 months and covered in cat hair.

Then I mentioned how it was a baby step in the mountain of things that need to be done here. Then she goes on I should have a sign "if you make the mess, you clean it up" I said thats fine and dandy but when most of the mess is mine, Donr have time in my Day with Meagan to do it.

She was appaled. How could I be at home for a year and NOT have the time to keep my house in tip top shape?? I mentioned that my days are spent with Meagan. She only takes 30 minute naps, and I normally enjoy a nap with her. If not I take a piss, a shower or something. I barely can make food, eat it and clean the plates its on. And with chris workin 4 nights a week, dishes have not been done.

"well just leave Meaga alone, she needs to learn how to entertain herself" well yeah I do let her be, but after 10 minutes she no longer wants to be in exerscaucer, then 5 minutes later no longer wants to be in her swing. Her attention span is so short, I'm constantly entertaining her.

THen she goes off how I should basically leave her in a playpen and go about my day. UM HELL NO. I was sooo pissed off. I had a child to enrich my life, not to make my status as a woman better. I would rather interact with my daughter than have a clean houes.

So Tuesday morning I was still fuming over this. AND my Chiropractor noticed my tension. I had mentioned this and he, who makes ton of money (his wife is also a chriopractor, They both do work in this office) said "dont worry, our house is just the same, Its a completly differrent gereation. We know that interacting with childern are so much more important that the cleanliness of our house holds."

Then makes me think, I didnt turn out so bad, But then again I dont think My mother was ever like that. Back then they got 6 weeks mat leave, and I remember having a nanny when we lived in Thunder Bay.

But then again explains her son. Who is shy, quiet and reserved, more into his video games and computer games like his father. I could just see no conversations. Hell she complains that her husband lives in the basement and barely speaks with him on a daily basis.

I think if your in a marriage like that whats the point. Marriage is to enrich your life.

Someone on one of my sites asked how do you know he's the one???????

My response was you know hes the one when you cant live with him, but still cant live without him. Chris has some annoying habits and on bad days just throws me over the edge. But in the end I only could tollereate them from him, but no one else.
That you share some interests and are willing to do what he likes/ she likes, even if it does not completly float your boat.
YOu can share silence and not get wigged out (ie the car commercial)
You can let the other go out without you. (I go to clubs, he goes bowling) still having things you do that you enjoy. ANd not get super jealous if their at the club

Its taken me many years to realize these points. Before It yous to be you know he's the one because you love him. But really then you need to define What is love to you. MAny people have asked me this since we got together so young and were married young. other questions were like "how do you know he's the one, if hes the ONLY relationship you've had?" I could not bear being apart from him. Thats why.

Monday, March 27, 2006

WOW been a while

man is life getting ever so busy.

Trying to manage my time and the things Meagan has to do, thankfully were off from swimming for the next 2 weeks.

She is getting so big, now. Here she is last week for St. Patrick's DAy. All dressed in green with Daddy.

I'm still dreading going back to work soon. WHat will I do. Thankfully my sister said She'll watch her, but I could not leave her in a daycare. It would cost $1000 a month. Are you kidding me?????

Bt knowing shes with my sister is good.

My two best friends are in COsta Rica at the moment. and Wish I was with them, yesterday they took a canopy tour of the Rain Forest. How cool would THAT BE?????

Sunday, March 19, 2006

My sister, the flirt

SO I just called my sister to confirm our date tomarrow to go to the movies. She had gone down town Toronto for the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

She was expected home earlier and wanted to sewe Meagan before we left. well she was not home ast 7:30 so we left.

Where is she, at a fire Hall in Toronto. This fire hall apprently was in the Parade, and well her frien9d works there.

SHe got the whole hall of ment to say hello to me. :-) She seems to know someone EVERYWHERE IN TORONTO.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My kitties caught a mouse.

So yesterday I come home from my long day of activites with Meagan.

Nothing too big, Abby our dog meets us at the top of the stairs, as we get Meagan out of her car seat. THen thats when I had the first incaling something was up.

Next thing I hear, meow, meow meow meooooow. Trying to figure out whats up. I call to Sprinkles and Tigger. Ususally if their meowing its cuz their excited to see were home and letting me know their on their way to great us. Minute passes, 2 minute passes, NO cats. BUT their still meowing.

Well I go to check it out as previously they have gotten into cabinets and cant get out. NOPE here are both my cats in the bathroom huddled over my Weight watchers scale (which has a glass part) and sprinkles has his arm under it.

NOW the strange part of all of this is USUALLY sprinkles and Tigger rarly are civil with each other. Until I look a little closer. NOPE theres a mouse under the scale. Here I'm thinking its hiding out where the cats cant get him. So I usher the cats out so I cat bag this mouse.

now the best part was after I ushered the cats out and went to put my rubber gloves on my himilayian tigger has got his paw under the door as he meows and scrates away at the air under the door. ANd if any of you know Tigger, he's too priccy for that.

SO of course the mouse was dead. Figued it mustered enough energy after sprinkles took him in there to crall under the scale to die in peace.

Back in November our neighbours in our townhouse mentioned they had a ton of mice in their house and wondered if we had any. We had mentioned not this year but about 2 1/2 years ago when we brought Sprinkles in after the wedding He did catch a mouse for the first time. He has kept perch in our kitchen stairing at the base boards for the lucky mouse to cross into our house.

SO he was estatic after catching this one. MAN I love my kitty cats. :-)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

My daughter has perfect timming

So last night I was up late. Meagan spat up on Chris's work pants. So i was washing his pants as he leaves for work at 6:30 am.

So I caught myself up on Hitched and my emails. Had been so busy Had not gotten on the computer for 4 days.

So ok, thats fine. I FINALLY crall into bed at 3am. and promptly at 3:05 Am Meagan wakes and is HUngry and wants to play. Yesterday I should have known something might be up as she was eating every 2 hours. SO we feed at 3am, 5am, 7 am and 9am. Im exausted now.

Thank GOd wednesdays are our relaxing days, except I had hoped to get to church for ash wednesday service at 9:30. Yeah that was not happening.

SO our day was kind of off. Took my sister to an earlier train. OUr regular program watching (oprah @4pm and Dr. Phil @5pm) was switched on wed as we like watching Montel Williams and Sylvia Browne @4. SO it was Dr. Phil, Montel, and then oprah.

WE had dinner early. SHe was good enought for me to eat at a decent time 6pm. So she had her carrots and apple sauce. WHen we realized our there was not much to do. Took a bath together at 6:30.

Just after 7pm when we got out and changed we napped. from about 7:15- 8:30 for me, SHe slept till 9.

Watched the end of Americal Idol and then 13 going on 30. Then she fell back asleep at 11:30.

Im certain now she's going to wake any minute now. BUt had 2 cans of coke at 10pm, as I had the WORST sweet craving and tried everything in my power NOT to get coke (as its one of the things I've given up for lent) had cookies, popcicles, kool aid. BUt nothing worked. so now as its shortly passed 2am I should be getting my ass to bed, in case Meagan wakes again at 3am.

But how does she always know when I stay up late on the computer, she ALWAYS wakes within 15 minutes of me going to bed. wether it be at 2am or 5am??? SHe must have a moniter on Me. HA

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Solid Food Adventure

So about 2 weeks ago we started Solids with Meagan. SHe was so interested in food and even taking my plate away from me.

So we started on the Rice cereal packages we got free in the mail (nestle) And BOY did she enjoy. So I thought I could transition into Life brand or Heinz Rice cereal as the Nestle is $3.79 a box. Nope SHe wont have that. Just today I realized the Nestle is a powder where the others liike like fish food flakes. So I'll be trying to do a half and half mix as I do not want to throw 2 full boxes in the garbage.

So also on friday I went to Zellers and got 80 cans of baby food on sale. SO we started on Apple and rasberry. well this is what she looks like after her first feeding.

Boy did she love it. SHe would grab onto the spoon and hold on forever.

Then we tried Peas. She was not too thrilled about it at first but today on her third feeding of it. Only got 3 ugly faces over it. Oh I cant wait for her to get into eating more solids. I remember my favorite picture My parents took of me was when I went to my first strawberry partch, and my face is all covered in strawberry stains. I was probably around 16 months old at the time. ANd apparently when the farmers appoached me later if I ate any, I completly denied it with the straightest face. HA

Oh the adventures to come.