Monday, April 30, 2007

WOW that was a close call

SO today has been QUITE the interesting day.

First official Maternity leave day. YIPPIE.

Didn't start off to great. Last night was feeling quite hungry yet my tummy felt icky from carbs overload.
So slept that off.

Woke this morning at 8am. THANK YOU MEAGAN for falling asleep at 9pm.

Still not feeling Quite right. Had some strawberries with Meagan for breakfast. ADN still not feeling better.

Around 10:10 Meagan chose to leave Barney (shocked the HELL OUT OF ME) to go upstairs. THinking little girl was still tired. SO off for a nap. SHe just hung out in her room. Made a mess of it. BUT its ok she just wanted time to herself.

During that hour I still was not getting any better. Fighting a feeling of Hunger yet Repulsed by the sheer thought of it.

THEN I got sick. All the strawberries came up and kinda felt a little better after that.

Was just about ready to take a bath to relax a little more. BUT meagan wanted out of her room. So we took a warm bath together. Was nice. Started feeling a bit better but not 100%.

Got meagan her lunch and at 1 she was ready for her nap.
I followed with a nap but still not feeling up to eating. NOW I started to think MAYBE this wee one is on his or her way.

Woke up and got ready to go to midwifes. FEELING much better.

All going well until she takes my blood presure at end. and with a big Uh Oh. She mentions now need to go to hospital. My blood pressure was too high for her liking 135/100. Its always beena round 110/80 or so.

THEN she tells me what to expect. Fetal NST, another test of blood pressure. IF thers a concern they will induce me.
Basically the blood pressure coiuld go up if I'm getting ready to deliver baby anyways. SO the plans of getting meagan's blinds and having dinner with my girlfriend is well in limbo.

SO off we go. Finally get there. GET strapped in and sit and wait. Things look ok. WAIT around for the OBGYN to come and give us the go ahead. BUT Surprisingly It came down. THey had me at 110/82.

even the nurse was like "well see just sopme relaxing will get it down."

HEll all the thinking since leaving the midwifes at 4:10 drive to chirs's work to pick him up. Figure out if my mom is working at her second job tonight or not. CRAP theres very little ready in place for this baby. AT LEAST my bag was packed. WHO is chris going to get back home after IF we are induced. HELL with meagan I laboured for 5 hours after being induced. Technically depending when I get induced this baby could possibly arrive by 9pm. THIS AND THAT. I spent a good 20 minutes while driving there planning and stressing all about that.

SO all was well. WEnt for some good pho's for dinner. AND just finished doing my EI claim and filing our TAXES.

Which I can say there must be a billion people filing via UFILE as its super slow.

BUT its done and expect to see my return in what the next 6-8 weeks. AND figure out a payment plan we cal live with for Chris repayment.
THink gonna have him set up either RRSP's or ask for an extra $20 taken off in taxes so its not such a hit to his/our wallet every year.

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